PRETORIA, March 1 (NNN-SANEWS) — International Relations and Cooperation Minister, Dr Naledi Pandor, has described the “prepper” warning issued by the US Embassy in South Africa to stock up on food and water as the country continues to rollout load shedding as “odd”.

This comes after the US government warned its citizens in South Africa to ensure that they have the necessary medicine, 72 hours’ worth of supplies at home by stocking non-perishable food, three litres of water per person per day and first aid supplies.

“I found it rather surprising and odd. I don’t recall such alerts being issued when California had similar blackouts and outages to South Africa.

“I find it a rather odd warning. But there has been rather many of these warnings and none of which is warned about has come to fruition,” Pandor said on the sidelines of the Uganda State Visit at the Union Buildings in Tshwane.

On the Russia-Ukraine war, she reiterated that South Africa is not neutral but favours peace and diplomacy.

“We’re against war because it brings harm. The position that we have adopted is one that says, ‘let us find the road to peace’. We believe that diplomacy will indeed eventually win the days tragic and that lives will have to be lost before we realise we should get around the table and a negotiated settlement.”

As for Africa, the Minister said it will continuously play a role in the African Union (AU) and stress the need for diplomacy.

The Minister told the media that President Cyril Ramaphosa and his Uganda counterpart, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, will discuss the ongoing war as both leaders have an interest in supporting the two parties coming together to find a resolution.

She also weighed in on the 12-point Chinese peace plan for the Russia-Ukraine war.

“I regard it as a prelude because having been in negotiations, I know it’s very difficult for parties outside of the conflict to set the terms. It has to be the parties themselves. But what you can do is use convening power, which we have been calling for, that we have a set of leaders that can draw Russia and Ukraine to the table and we believe the United Nations must play a leading role in that process.” — NNN-SANEWS

Source: Nam News Network

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