Stolen stock recovered by police

DURBAN Livestock holds a special place in the hearts of its owners as a result they are left devastated when they realise that their stock has been stolen. A 34-year-old man from Langlerwacht farm in Vryheid was left speechless on 17 January 2020 when he realised that his 12 cattle’s were stolen and a fence was damaged to gain access. He immediately called the Vryheid stock theft task team members whom they have a close working relationship with. The members proceeded to the farm, searched the premises and surrounding areas however the suspects were nowhere to be found.

The members received information that the stolen cattle will be loaded at Melmoth at a certain homestead where they were being kept by the suspects and stock was going to be transported to a buyer in Nyoni. The suspects postponed the trip on Thursday to Friday.

At 07:30 on Friday morning information was received that the stock thieves had a breakdown at Ncemaneni (Eshowe) and were busy trying to fix their vehicle that was loaded with cattle. The Eshowe members were activated to assist since they were familiar with the area while the suspects were fixing the vehicle, they offloaded the cattle and tied them to a nearby bush. The stock thieves spotted the police vans and fled the scene on foot. A blue Isuzu bakkie that was used to transport the stolen cattle was recovered and kept at Eshowe for investigation.

The investigation led the members to homestead in Melmoth, Ekuthuleni where the suspects allegedly sold the stolen cattle, they recovered two cattle and the carcass skin with. The cattle were handed over to lawful owner. Members are still on the search for the suspects and arrest is eminent.

Source: South African Police Service