The 21-year-old victim of assault dies in hospital: Alice

Police have arrested a male suspect in Alice after he was alleged to have been behind the assault of two University of Fort Hare students at Marikana Hostel, on the 14 March 2020 in Alice.

According to the information, the 21-year-old was assaulted with a brick and iron rod by a suspect who is known. The circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under investigation. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital by an ambulance where he was admitted at ICU.

The suspect was subsequently arrested on Monday the 16 March 2020 on charges relating to assault GBH. On Tuesday the 17 March 2020 he was taken to court and the case was remanded to the 25 March 2020 for bail hearing. The second suspect only known as (Thera) is still at large. The arrested suspect remains in police custody and the investigation continues.

Sadly, the police received News that the 21-year-old victim who was in ICU had died in the morning at the hospital in East London

Source: South African Police Service