The number of arrests of suspects increased to six after Meloding woman was gang raped

The victim was gang raped three times then the in ident was reported to the Police of Meloding. Six suspects were arrested and four are still at large.

Early December 2021, 28 and 29 January 2022 a 21 year old woman of Meloding was gang raped by ten gangsters. She was afraid to report these gang rape that took place until with the help of her boyfriend who accompanied her to report the incident.

Three suspects were arrested by Welkom POP Reaction Team and they appeared on the 10 February 2022 in Virginia Magistrate Court and the case was postponed till the 17 February 2022 for bail application.

On the 10 February 2022 three additional gangsters aged 26 and 30 year old were arrested and will appear on the 14 February 2022 in Virginia Magistrate Court. The case is been investigated by Detective Constable Marcia Mphulenyane of Lejweleputswa District FCS who can be contacted at cellphone number 082 465 2779. As manhunt continues for four gangsters who are still at large.

The District Commissioner of Lejweleputswa, Maj Gen Lerato Molale thanked residents of Meloding for assisting the Police in ensuring that additional gangsters were arrested and that we will work around the clock to arrest the remaining suspects. What was done to this woman is horrific, inhuman and thus we will never rest until the wheels of justice roll.

Source: South African Police Service

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