Top 10 herbs for pain relief (The Ozarks Sentinel)

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PainĀ  management could sometimes seem like turning to dogs when the typical pharmaceutical drugs are not headed to the path of your pain relief. Herbal pain relief treatments- like natural medicines which includes medicinally used, parts of a plant to treat health problems- is an all time popular method to relief from pain as well.

Reports have shown that there are more than 100 plants which have pain-relieving properties however, some are really outstanding and able to show visible results.

A Natural Pain Killing Formula

Below is the list given of some common herbal remedies for pain relief.

1) Capsaicin

is that very component which puts the heat in chile peppers. It works by diminishing compound known as substance P, which carries over the sensations of pain from the peripheral to the central nervous system. Hence, it helps to get relieve from nerve pain and discomfort caused by arthritis.

2) Ginger

contains phytochemicals that has anti-inflammatory properties. Its extracts help to get relieve from joint and muscle pain.

3) Feverfew

are being used for treating headaches, toothaches and stomach aches. Its usage are rapidly increasing nowadays for rheumatoid arthritis and migraines. However, this remedy should be avoided by pregnant women.

4) Turmeric

a traditional spice with anti-inflammatory properties treats arthritis pain, heartburn and inflammation. However, people should avoid turmeric if they have a gallbladder disease.

5) Devils Claw

a herb found in South Africa best known for effectively treating arthritis and lower back pain. Although people with stomach or intestinal ulcers or gall stones and pregnant women are strongly discouraged to go for this remedy.

6) Lavender

has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties in its essential oils. It is great for alleviating pain and soothing the soul.

7) Rosemary

has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antispasmodic properties.

8) Valerian Root

a natural reliever from pain, often known as the nature’s tranquilizer. For regulating the nervous system and relieving from anxiety, insomnia, stress, tension and irritability Valerian is being used for centuries. Hence, next time when in need of a pain relief give a try to the Valerian tea.

9) White Willow Bark

has aspirin-like compounds and is as effective as conventional medicine for reducing painĀ  among people with mild to moderate knee and hip pain. It also alleviates joint pain, acute back pain and osteoarthritis.

10) Bromelain

heals muscles and connective tissues as well as reduces the level of prostaglandins, which induce inflammation. It also relieves people from trauma related inflammation and arthritis.

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