An intelligence driven operation focussing on activities in and around the Magistrates’ Court in Bishop Lavis, led to further charges against two suspects who were in custody on Thursday 13 May 2021, as they were found in possession of drugs.

Court orderlies received information that drugs has been smuggled into the holding cells and that it was destined for a gang member, appearing on a case. The holding cells were searched and the members found a 28-year-old suspect to be in possession of 58 mandrax tablets. Further searches led to a 30-year-old male in possession of four sachets of methamphetamine, one stop of dagga and one mandrax tablet. The two suspects belongs to different prison gang groupings.

Both suspects were arrested and detained at Bishop Lavis SAPS and will appear at the Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ court today on charges of possession of drugs.

Source: South Africa Police Service

News Reporter