Two women die after allegedly consuming drink at Kandjara village

Two women died on Thursday after they allegedly consumed a concoction to ‘rid them of evil spirits and remove bad luck.’

The Namibian Police Force in the Kavango East Region in a report said the two women died at Kandjara village after allegedly drinking a concoction brewed by a self-proclaimed prophet at the village.

The deceased, whose next of kin have been informed, are 27-year-old Shiremo Josefine Namutenya and 30-year-old Linyando Shikonga.

According to the report the two women developed stomach cramps and collapsed. One of the women died at home while the other died upon arrival at the local clinic.

Four other women are said to have also consumed the drink. Two of them were rushed to the nearby clinic, while the other two were taken to the Nyangana Catholic Hospital.

The 45-year-old self-proclaimed prophet allegedly fled the scene after it became known that the two women had died, but handed himself over later at Ndiyona Police Station, where he is detained.

Police investigations into the matter continue.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency

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