The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar, on Tuesday rewarded nine Air Warrant Officers (AWOs) for their hard work and dedication to the service of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF).

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the officers were presented with JMC pickup Vehicles by the Air Staff Boss.

Abubakar, while presenting the vehicles said that he believed that human resources were the most vital inputs in any organisation.

He said this was necessary because they direct the use of available resources in pursuit of set organisational goals.

He said it was in recognition of that fact that one of the key enabler to his Command Philosophy was ‘Maintaining a Highly Motivated Force by Enhancing Welfare and Infrastructural Renewal’.

‘It is in fulfilling this key enabler that we are gathered here today on the auspicious occasion of the presentation of vehicles to our deserving AWOs, who remain huge assets to the NAF.

‘Our AWOs are a selected breed of distinguished SNCOs on whom the service pl
aces the onerous task of maintaining regimentation and discipline as well as upholding military ethics and traditions among airmen/airwomen across the NAF.

‘The selfless service and exemplary lifestyle of these distinguished gentlemen who also serve as mentors to their subordinates remain quintessential to the efficiency and effectiveness of the NAF.

‘It is in recognition of this gallant service that we are gathered here today to honour these deserving gentlemen who have been very instrumental to our successes as a service,’ he said.

The CAS commended the AWOs for their untiring efforts towards ensuring that the NAF got the desired support from their subordinates, which, according to him, had really enhanced the capacity of NAF to meet its constitutional mandate.

He said the presentation of the vehicles was a testament to the commitment of the NAF to motivate its personnel.

He implored the AWOs not to rest on their oars in rendering any support required of them by the NAF, assuring them that his leadersh
ip would continue to prioritise their welfare and that of their subjects.

‘I firmly believe that the effectiveness of a fighting force is determined by the morale of its troops.

‘To this end, I will request the AWOs to always communicate the yearnings of their subordinates to appropriate superior authority for use by HQ NAF in crafting impactful policies,’ he added.

NAN also reports that the CAS inaugurated a recreational garden and park as well as six state-of-art sewage treatment plants, lift stations and sewer infrastructure at the NAF base and valley estate, Asokoro.

He said the projects were executed with sole motive of enhancing the welfare of personnel and their families in line with his desire to maintain a highly motivated force.

He added that it was in a bid to provide personnel with standard infrastructural facilities that the NAF valley estate was conceived from inception to have central sewage systems.

This, according to him, is with the aim of providing residents with clean and healthy liv
ing conditions devoid of the health hazards posed by poorly handled sewage products.

‘To this end, the NAF invested heavily in the central sewage project in this estate which has today become a model facility,’ he said.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries of the vehicle, AWO Pere Menone, said the presentation of the vehicles marked a historic moment for them in their career as military men.

Menone appreciated the CAS for the recognition and the motivation, adding that the event had given them hope that there was reward for diligence and hard work.

He urged the younger personnel to imbibe the spirit of hard work, dedication, diligence and loyalty to be able to reach the peak of their career.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

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