Western Cape Community Safety hosts Rural Safety Summit in Cape Winelands District Municipality, 14 to 15 Nov

On 14 and 15 November 2022, the Department of Community Safety will host its fourth District Rural Safety Summit and Policing Needs and Priorities (RSSaPNP) engagement in the Cape Winelands District Municipality.

The Cape Winelands District Municipality is one of five District Municipalities where these summits take place. The Western Cape Government (WCG) views the safety and security of all communities in the Western Cape as a priority, including that of rural communities. To build on this strategic goal, the Department of Community Safety is, together with local safety stakeholders, working towards improving the wellness and safety of communities in district and local municipalities.

The Rural Safety Summit will address:

The innovative use of integrated safety technology;
Collaborative and integrated incident management processes; and
The way forward in the District Municipality, through the lenses of the Whole-of-Society Approach and the Western Cape Safety Plan.
The Policing Needs and Priorities engagement will contribute to the development of a detailed, implementable and agreed upon safety plan at a local level to help improve safety in the Cape Winelands.

Various stakeholders – such as the Department of Agriculture, stakeholders from all spheres of Government, Community Police Forums (CPFs), the South African Police Service (SAPS), Farm Watches, Neighbourhood Watches (NHWs), the Cape Winelands District Municipality, the Western Cape Police Ombudsman and the Head of Department for Community Safety, Adv. Yashina Pillay will form part of the Cape Winelands Rural Safety Summit and policing needs and priorities engagement.

The Minister for Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagen Allen, who will also be in attendance stated: “I am looking forward to engaging the various safety stakeholders of the Cape Winelands area. It is critical that we are strategic the execution and utilisation of our plans and resources, and that we find alignment in how we combat crime. This will undoubtedly assist in the fight against crime.”

The engagements are intended to contribute significantly to the prevention and reduction of violent crime and murders, by providing for greater integration and collaboration between safety stakeholders in the rural areas.

There will be an opportunity for photographs and interviews.

Source: Government of South Africa

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