The Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative (NWAPDI) has announced its decision to dissociate from the All Farmers’ Association of Nigeria (AFAN) due to the exclusion of its members.

Ms. Omolara Svensson, the National Coordinator and President of NWAPDI, in a press conference on Tuesday, said this move was necessary following the ongoing leadership tussles within the organisation.

She stated that during her tenure as Head of Women in Agriculture for the Oyo State AFAN chapter, she made several efforts to address these issues.

‘After careful consideration and deliberation, we have decided to part ways with AFAN.

‘However, despite my initiatives, the persistent lack of meaningful inclusion and recognition of women within AFAN undermined NWAPDI’s core objectives.’

According to her, the continuous leadership disputes within AFAN created an unstable and counterproductive environment, making effective collaboration increasingly challenging.

She noted that NWAPDI, established as N
igeria’s foremost organisation exclusively for women in the agricultural sector, aims to empower and support women across production, processing, trade, and commerce.

She also emphasised that the organisation focuses on ensuring that women have a significant and influential role in shaping Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

‘By standing independently, we believe we can more effectively advocate for the interests of women farmers and drive meaningful change within the agricultural sector,’ she said.

‘NWAPDI will continue its efforts to support and uplift women in agriculture through various programs, initiatives, and advocacy efforts, aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of Nigeria’s agricultural industry.’

Svensson stated that NWAPDI remains committed to its mission of fostering a robust and inclusive agricultural sector where women play a leading and decisive role.

On improving the lives of rural women farmers, the national coordinator mentioned significant strides made in empowering women
in Katsina and other geopolitical zones by providing essential resources.

‘In Lagos, where aqua farming is prevalent, the organisation supplied women with vegetable seedlings, fish feed, and chicken feed.

‘Similar initiatives have been carried out in Kwara State, and plans are underway to reach Ekiti and Osun States soon.

‘Additionally, empowering women farmers have been active in Imo State and are preparing to launch programs in Kogi State.

‘A key initiative includes a safety training program scheduled for tomorrow, in collaboration with other associations.

‘This training aims to address the financial losses women face due to inadequate safety measures on farms and in processing plants.’

She commended the First Lady’s efforts in promoting small home gardens, saying this had encouraged both youths and mothers to engage in home gardening, regardless of their professional backgrounds.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that AFAN has seen series of crises in the past due to leadership tussle involving som
e members of the board of trustees, leading to the emergence of factions.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

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