Women Leaders Commit to Accelerate Empowerment

Members of Rwanda Women Leaders Network (RWLN) have called for concerted efforts to accelerate women empowerment in all sectors and professional fields and tackle unemployment among the youth, especially for young women.

Speaking at a workshop that brought together women leaders from different sectors, Oda Gasinzigwa, the minister for gender and family promotion, yesterday, called on women in leadership positions to continuously advocate for having women in all sectors to ensure that at least women get 50 per cent of job opportunities available.

“The network is a platform through which we exchange ideas as agents of change and establish ways in collaboration with men on how we can accelerate women empowerment and its benefit in achieving our national development goals,” Gasinzigwa said at the symposium in Kigali.

She added that the platform aims at strengthening connections and mutual support among women peer networks.

“With RWLN, we exploit the potential of women in leadership positions to mentor and give hope to young women and girls to realise their dreams. Through this, we are able to unlock our potential, thus keep the momentum and accountability of the woman’s role in the development of the nation,” Gasinzigwa added.

With support of network members, over 2,200 young women have been mentored in leadership and have benefitted from career guidance programmes countrywide.

Dr Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo, a Tanzanian diplomat who was the guest speaker, advised the women leaders to always try to balance their busy schedules with keeping healthy.

“As a leader, you have to evaluate your potential, improve your qualities putting into consideration how to live a healthy lifestyle for the good of yourself and Rwandans,” she said.

Dr Kimaryo currently lives in South Africa. She boasts over 30 years of working experience with United Nations systems.

The Rwanda Women Leaders’ Network (RWLN) was established on December 17, 2011.

The network is made up of women leaders and achievers in various decision- making positions of the Government, private sector, civil society, faith-based organisations, the media, artists and musicians among others.

The workshop precedes a dinner gala that will be co-hosted with Unity Club later today, which is organised to celebrate the International Women’s Day observerd on March 8.