Yes, coordination is vital to eliminate terrorism, but Among Iran and Saudi Arabia

Gulf rivals and their rigid policies against each other

Since the day both Gulf rivals such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, understands that coming up aggressively against each other when it comes to the turmoil of the Gulf region, is actually going against both of them, so that will be the end of this prolonged turmoil of the Gulf region. If both Gulf rivals such Iran and Saudi Arabia, keep on intensifying the situation in the Gulf region, so that will destabilize both these two countries to the level which will make them exist among world’s least developed countries. That is why the sense of acceptance for each other must prevail among both the Gulf rivals and they must avoid making it more like a religious issue, because that is what which the region cannot afford.

Saudi Arabia and its hopes from Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition

In the recent times, the world has witnessed that Saudi Arabia has been relying much on this newly established Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition in order to crush terrorists in the Gulf region and bring stability. According to Saudi Arabia, both nations, which are taking part in this Saudi made coalition against terrorism, have agreed to dry up the terrorists’ resources, that sounds good as far as hoping to bring peace in the region, but if one goes through what actually the scenario in the region so he/she will assume much horrible picture of the Gulf region in the future.

This newly established Coalition and its current focus

Brig. Gen Ahmad Al Assiri stated that the representatives of this newly-formed Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition are on the same page in order to cope with terrorism and he also added that all the representatives of this newly established coalition, talked about ideological, media, financial and Military’s aspects to dealing with terrorism. The recent aim of this coalition has come out in its first meeting that took place in Riyadh.


This newly established Coalition of Muslim countries’ armies, has been made up for coping with ISIS in the region that is not only putting the security of the Gulf region at risk, in fact operating from the Gulf region, it is also becoming the serious threat to the western world. But one must understand that no matter how many Coalitions emerge in the region in order to cope with terrorism, yet none of them will be able to succeed until, they do not consist of Iran. Yes, it is true that keeping Iran aside will create more problems and will increase more distance among Saudi Arabia and Iran, and that is where the progress of bringing peace in the region gets stuck.