Youth voices crucial in setting policies: Nghoshi

The youth has been strongly encouraged to participate in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections, as their voices are crucial.

In a recent interview with Nampa, Serron Nghoshi, a youth activist and regional coordinator for the Erongo Youth Forum, emphasised the importance of youth engagement in these elections, stressing that their involvement is not just beneficial but essential for the health and progress of democracy.

Nghoshi noted that the youth’s role in shaping the future of the fast-paced world of 21st-century politics, where the dynamics of governance, society, and technology are in constant flux cannot be overstated.

‘As the country gears up for upcoming presidential elections, the spotlight turns to the younger generations, whose participation could decisively influence the direction of the country.

Globally, the youth population is sizeable, with individuals under the age of 30 constituting a significant portion of the electorate in many countries and despite their numbers and potential influe
nce, young people’s voting rates often lag behind those of older demographics,’ he lamented.

The coordinator expressed that bridging this gap is crucial, as their active participation has the power to sway election outcomes and set policy priorities, adding that young voters are directly affected by a broad range of policy issues, from education, employment, healthcare and climate change.

Additionally, he noted that the youth’s engagement in presidential elections is a powerful tool to ensure that their perspectives and needs are represented in the national agenda and politicians are more likely to address the issues that matter to young voters if they know that this demographic is paying attention and willing to hold them accountable at the ballot box.

‘There is therefore a need to make efforts to educate young people about the importance of their vote, simplify the voting process, and make politics more accessible and relevant. This can empower this demographic to play a more active role in their democra
cy,’ Nghoshi advised.

Namibia’s seventh Presidential and National Assembly elections are scheduled for the 27th of November 2024, with the electoral calendar launched on 07 March 2024 with the General Registration of Voters to take place countrywide and at Namibia Diplomatic Missions from the 03 June to 01 August 2024.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

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